What is the meaning of Christmas?

Our family wanted a meaningful Christmas tradition for every year. To share in the wonder of the birth of Christ, how God sent Him to be Immanuel, God with us. Jesus Christ is the story of God's love for mankind. God told this beautiful story of the coming King from Genesis through Revelation.

Today, the unmatched story of God's love is just as remarkable and powerful. We wanted our children to discover the wonders and love of the Christmas story by making a Nativity tradition that celebrates who Jesus is and the purpose of His birth.

We believe there are other families like ours who care deeply about making this truth known. Please join us in making the story of Jesus Christ central to your Christmas.

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Discover God's extraordinary love

The promise of Immanuel, God with us, came true at Christmas. This is the Gospel of Jesus. He was born humbly in a manger and lived an obedient life to the Heavenly Father. He lived a perfect life that we couldn't live and died the death that we deserved. When we hear this powerful story, it rings true in the deepest parts of our heart!

The Nativity tradition shows this unique narrative with a manger to symbolize the birth of Christ and the crown of thorns to symbolize what Jesus Christ did to save mankind and fulfill God's promise of the Messiah.

Learn about the nativity set

The nativity set that captures the Christmas story

Our Nativity tradition was born out of our desire to have a deeper family connection at Christmas time. That led us to develop a nativity set with an asthetic to our liking with a focus of telling the Biblical Christmas story. This project has been 4 years in the making; from concept to product development of the resin sculptures, a rustic wooden box and a story booklet.

We believe that God has placed this idea on our hearts for our family and other like-minded families as well.

The Nativity journal and story booklet

The central message of Christmas is that our hurting world needs a Savior. We're all lost, hopeless in our sins, but Jesus Christ is God's Redemptive plan. We wanted our family to feel the magnitude of this story. By intentionally spending time talking through the incredible story and reflecting on what that means.

The beginning of the Nativity Journal features a family friendly booklet telling the story of Christmas from the Old and New Testament. The journal section guides your family through your journey with God. Every year, your family can write about where God has shown His grace and love; as well as challenging times and answered prayers. You'll be able to reflect and see from previous years how faithful the Lord has been in your life.

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